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Subject:I'll kill him. Or just kick him. Something.
Time:05:57 pm
Current Mood:cranky
"Excuse me, excuse me... hey buddy, I'm walking here!" It was barely morning, and already the streets and walkways in Persephone were buzzing with activity and stuffed with people. Annabel was one of them, tucking her head low as she pushed her way through, attempting to clear a path for herself as she stormed away from the docks.

She had awoken before everyone else on the Hard Luck, made breakfast and left before anyone could say two words to her retreating backside. She just.. had to get away. Away from the ship, and from him. The pressure was getting to be even more insufferable, and she thought she was going to drown on dry land. Or go on a killing rampage. And while that was good for the soul and all, shedding blood this early was just a bad idea.

He had asked her. Jacob, that little worm had asked her to marry him. Just thinking about it gave her a nervous knot in the stomach, the one she got when she had mixed feelings. She loved him. But she hated some of the things he said to her.

"This mission to find your brother. You need to give it up."

But it was sometimes the only reason she got out of bed. The thought of finding Mal after all these years was the little light of hope she was clinging to.

"It's been six years already. He could be dead. He could be in jail."

She refused to believe it, and nearly slapped Jacob for even suggesting it. Dead. No. He survived the War; there was nothing in this 'verse that could kill him now.

Annabel shook her head, shaking away the lingering remains of the conversation as she stepped into the gunsmith's shop, the tiny jingle of bells marking her entrance. Her revolver needed cleaning, and she was in a mind to get something, too.

Yes, focus on errands. It'll keep you sane for now.
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Subject:Looking to commiserate.
Time:07:27 pm
Current Mood:awake
That morning may have been the first time in Kaylee's life where she had no stomach for food. She had awoken to a raging headache and an upset stomach, but found that she felt a little better after having bathed and dressed for the day. She was sure that her loss of appetite had just as much to do with Inara's leaving as it did with her drinking the night before. She knew she had overdone it, but when Jayne had suggested that they all give Inara a proper send-off by having a few rounds... well. It had made things just the tiniest bit easier. She'd had an easier time maintaining her mask in that atmosphere, pretending that she was okay with the new way of things. In reality, she was anything but.

Instead of heading for the galley, her first thought was to go to Inara's shuttle and have a few private words with the companion. No doubt they would include a very tearful goodbye. She still wanted to say goodbye to Inara properly, and without anyone else looking on, but she decided against going right then. She would put it off until later, give herself a little time to figure out just what she wanted to say. Closing the hatch to her room as she emerged out into the hallway, she turned towards Mal's quarters instead of Inara's shuttle, standing outside his door for a moment before summoning up what courage she could and lightly knocking.

Mal was the only other person on the ship who was going to miss Inara as much as she was.

"Captain?" she called, though not too loudly, just in case he was still asleep. "You up?"

((Open to Mal.))
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Time:11:55 pm
Current Mood:hungry
Bart wasn't surprised to find that someone else had beat him to the mess hall. All the same, he lumbered through the door and headed straight over to the table, grabbing one of the bowls that had been set out in the middle for himself. He sat down hard, finding himself directly opposite from Jade, who was eating her breakfast with the usual scowl on her face.

"Someone's cheerful this morning," he remarked, craning his neck as he leaned over to examine the contents of the pot that someone had already set down on the table. "What is this?" he asked, pulling a disgusted sort of face. Forget how it looked -- it didn't even smell anywhere near edible. "Can we eat it? Ugh, who made breakfast this morning? Did someone let Percy in the kitchen again? I really oughta talk to the captain about that... that man should not be allowed cooking priviliges. He'll poison us all."

((Open to Sehkmet crew: Jade, Esmerelda, Elektra, Percy... did I forget anyone?))
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Subject:Rise and shine.
Time:11:32 pm
Current Mood:aggravated
Justine had decided to skip out on breakfast entirely, not in the mood to deal with the squabbling that she was bound to walk in on if she even went anywhere near the galley. Percy would be picking people apart with his unjustified snobbery, Jade would steal his food and earn herself a few idle death threats, and Bart and Esmerelda would just be generally unpleasant while the others continued to peck at each other. Not a pleasant scene, and especially not something she felt like watching so early in the morning. It grated on her nerves.

She checked to make sure she had Badger's cortex pad with her before she left her quarters, locking the door behind her out of habit. That done, she immediately headed for the bridge, where she knew she would find her pilot, despite the time of day.

"Austen?" she called from halfway down the corridor, quickly approaching the bridge with heavy footsteps. She appeared in the doorway and leaned against the frame, arms folded as she fixed her gaze on the man in the pilot's seat. "Get your stuff. We're going into town."

((Open to Austen.))
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Time:04:39 pm
Current Mood:hungry
I walked slowly towards the kitchen since Simon had wished that we eat and food sounded good to me. He still wouldn't listen, though. He needed to talk to Kaylee. But then again, no one listened to me much, and I wanted Inara.

She could touch your hair and make the pain go away, I'd seen it before with Kaylee. Nobody touched my hair like that, not even my brother.

I found the basket of apples that we'd managed to save somehow and took one, sitting on the floor as I looked at it.

"So much inside...seeds that form the symbol of life, hidden...red on the outside, red like blood."

I took a bite and smiled up at Simon.

"Tasty too."

((Open for Simon or anyone else onboard))
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Subject:Saffron: Oh when the saints. Go marching in.
Time:04:46 pm
Current Mood:horrified
In the dream, there were endless shots of whiskey. Like little evil soldiers marching their way into my hand, one by one I ingested them and spat out their bones. It was a nice and funny part of the dream, full of laughter and baudy jokes. Someone in the corner, playing the fiddle. Later in the dream, (because as dreams are apt to be, the memory of this dream was elusive and frail and wiggled out of my grasp as soon as I tried to remember it) there was something about a waterpipe with a million little squirmy stems to smoke from -- opium, maybe? Keeping my eyes shut so as to remember the dream, I licked my lips. No, not opium. Something synthetic. A hallucinogen, maybe, but euphoric. In my memory, I heard Badger's voice say that it was the newest thing -- all the rage in the outer ring, but moving its way inwards towards the core, moving like oil, like mud, like sex on a summer morning.

Sex. In the dream, there was sex as well. Breathing deeply, I thought intently on the dream. Mmmmm, good sex. There had been sex with Ivan earlier in the day, true -- but it wasn't him that I dreamed about. This was real person sex, or at least as close as I get to it. Sex without money changing hands, but, then again, there was something in the dream about a bargain. Gambling, maybe. I thought further back and remembered the cold stones of Go in my fingers. Go was always my game, but, in the dream, it was Badger's game as well. And a wager had been cast and a bet had been lost and then...

Keeping my eyes closed so as my dream might still remain a dream, I ran a quick hand over my pubis. It was sore and sensitive and also, quite filthy. Oh sex. Oh Christ. Oh nee ta ma duh. Tyen-shia suo-yo duh run doh gai si. (1.)

I opened my left eye cautiously, as if Medusa herself was in bed with me, and I was going to be turned into a big old lump of clay. No snake-headed freak, but there were a pair of man feet, not six inches from my nose. Oh god, my mind chanted at me. It weren't a dream. Oh god, oh god, it weren't a dream. Just like it weren't like me to jump into bed with whatever chump happened down the cobblestones. I'll jump into bed for a lot of reasons, I'll tell you, but not one of those reasons is just for fun.

I retraced my steps. Ivan. Shopping. Cute little sandals. Lunch with Badger. Agreeing to work together against Mal. Then, errands with Badger, which mostly consisted of him collecting from his pathetic little surfdom. He likes to look like a big man, and the quickest way to look like a big man is to be true to his name and badger people into paying him a tariff. It didn't matter for what -- just, a tariff. Protection from him, protection by him... whatever. I lost interest after an hour of it and we went back to his grimy little quarters to "hash out some details" -- he said -- about our forthcoming venture.

"Hashing out" details apparently involves a lot of Badger showing me shabby artifacts and antiques, and gloating over his knives. He brought out the special whiskey, saying that it was a priviledge and an honour to have such a beautiful accomplice. I remember him asking me after the first shot what kind of item we would be on the lookout for, and then, after every shot, rephrasing the question a bit to re-ask.

I'd held my ground, and held my liquor, and didn't tell him. Oh God, I don't think I told him. I abused my memory -- did I tell him? There were more shots, endless shots, endless whiskey. And then he brought out the Go and... oh, no. That's when my memory started to get fuzzy. He brought out the Go and we made a wager. My skills at Go are 'Verse-fucking-renowned, I'll have you know, and I can't remember the last time I lost a game. I don't know even what the stakes were, but, apparently, they involved me taking off my underpants and jumping into Badger's bed.

I sat up slowly, hoping that I wouldn't wake whoever owned those stinking feet next to my face. Oh, my bum hurt. I don't remember Ivan taking a switch to me, but apparently someone has. Did Badger farm me out to someone, because I didn't think he had it in him. If he farmed me out without my express (sober) permission, I was going to cut his fig pouch right off. Carefully, I pulled the sheet away from the top half of the wretched foot-owner.

Badger. God DAMN IT, I'd done it again. There really were synthetic drugs smoked, and whiskeys drank, and ridiculous poses accomplished, and, apparently, orgasms achieved. And, I didn't even know what the wager was. Apparently, I'd lost.

Badger's face was serene and smiling slightly. That little fuck. He'd probably dosed me with one of those whiskeys. That just wasn't fair. I'd have done it with him anyway, if the circumstances were right. He didn't need to slip me a mickey. Unless he didn't, but -- I shuddered. That was a horrible thought. He must have slipped me something.

Slowly, I moved my legs off the bed and got to my feet. Where were my pants? Where was my bag? I secured both, glancing quickly in a shard of mirror that he had resting up against the wall. Welts and lovebites dotted and slashed my body. I was going to have to wear sweaters and long pants all week -- this was ridiculous. Badger'd obviously had a field day with my body, and -- god, whatever. As long as I didn't tell him about the Lassiter.

As I slipped on my underpants, I heard the bed linens rustle. I whirled to face Badger, who groggily smiled at me and rubbed at his eyes. He stetched his arms over his head and the sheet fell away from him. He was also covered in lovebites. Oh, dear lord, I was never going to live this down.

"Mmmm... morning, pet. I was just dreaming about the Lassiter. Suppose I can't believe that you let such a beautiful piece of history out of your tight little grasp."

1. Fuck everyone in the universe to death.
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Subject:A Hiccup
Time:10:59 pm
Current Mood:annoyed
Sometimes life put obstacles in your way. Things to overcome. You could get the measure of a man when that time came. See what he was really made of.

Like now. The Alliance cruiser pulled me in, demandin' I come about. Like I was some criminal? I complied because it suited me, no need to kick up a fuss. My papers were in order. Upstanding citizen, that was me. Well, the official me. I sat in my cockpit, tryin' not to fidget.

"Jubal Early." The uptight official recited when I was escorted from my ship, flanked by two overweight guards who I could have dropped within twenty seconds had I had a mind to do it. "Well, there was some trouble on Cyrus and your name came up. Just a routine check, if you could come this way?"

Insigificant piece of offal. Wasting my time with this here nonsense. I suppressed the urge to chop at his windpipe and end this bothersome encounter in an instant. Instead I nodded and smiled like a crocodile.

"Of course, I have nothing to hide."

Trouble on Cyrus, that was a mite worrisome. But surely that hadn't reflected on me none. Well, we'd soon find out.
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Subject:Me and the Black
Time:07:46 pm
Current Mood:melancholy
Not that Kaylee wasn't needing of it, bringin' her home to Serenity was also the excuse I'd been needin' to unfix my hand from the bottle of whatever le se fancy excuse for booze I'd been swimming in. Sure, it had done the job of gettin' me good and numbified, but there hadn't been the same throat-burning feel to it. I drank, when I drank, cheap liquor. And I did it in dark, dirty, run-down bars with sawdust on the floor and fights every night.

I didn't drink whiskey that probably cost half of what the whole crew made in a month for ever bottle. I didn't drink in clean, pretty establishments like this.

This wasn't my world, and I was glad to take my leave of it.

Didn't rightly notice what had happened to Inara as the little party broke up, and that, perhaps, was for the best. In my highly inebriated state, I might've done something powerfully foolish, like try to convince her to stay with Serenity.

That wasn't my world I was leavin' behind as I walked off my drunkeness, heading back for my ship, Kaylee's stumbling steps only guided by my somewhat spotty efforts.

And it wasn't her world she was leavin' behind as she left Serenity.

I felt sorry only for the ones who'd miss her, like little Kaylee.

After droppin' my mechanic off in her bright, bright room, I headed for the bridge. The door on Wash and Zoe's quarters was cycled closed, so I knew they'd turned in for the evening. Good for them.

I dropped into the pilot's seat, not makin' the mistake of adjustin' it to my frame. The one time that Wash had handed me a deserved talking-to had been when I'd mussed about with his chair. A comfortable pilot was an effective pilot. I got that much.

Lookin' out of Serenity's windows, I stared up at the stars, and the Black, patting the control panel gently. We'd be back out there soon enough, I assured Serenity, out where we both belonged.

((Open to anyone who wants to talk with a melancholy captain.))
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Subject:Gone home.
Time:03:19 pm
Current Mood:gloomy
After being informed that she'd had a little too much to drink at what could be called Inara's going-away party, Kaylee found herself being escorted back to the ship by the captain himself. Now sprawled out on her bed, still fully dressed, she still felt very... well, confused about Inara's decision to leave. However, those feelings were fast becoming overshadowed by extreme drowsiness.

She yawned and rolled over onto her side so that she was facing the wall. She had asked Mal to lock up on his way out, but she didn't much feel like getting up to see whether or not he'd actually done it. It didn't really matter. Noone was going to come barging in there unless it was an emergency, and part of her actually wanted Inara to come by -- whether it was to say goodnight or goodbye. Either would have been nice.

She really didn't want to think about what things would be like once Inara left, but she couldn't help it. Things would be so... different. The only other woman to talk to would be Zoe, and while Kaylee loved Zoe to bits and pieces, it really wasn't the same. Her relationship with Zoe was nothing like the friendship she had with Inara. The ship would feel... empty, she thought.

Kaylee sighed. It was probably best to sleep now... she could worry more about Inara in the morning.
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Subject:Simon and River en route to Serenity
Time:02:15 pm
Current Mood:depressed
Simon didn't drink much at the bar. He never was really into drinking, it made him feel low. After he saw Book and Jayne leave, he thought it would be a good idea to go back to the ship. He turned around, hoping that River was still sitting down in the stool that she had been the whole time. Luckily, she was.

He walked up to her, "So, what do you think, mei-mei? Should we go back to the ship now?"
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